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Are you really interested in learning the truth?
This page is dedicated to answering questions about English Bible translations, or perhaps better called dispelling the myths of English Bible translations.
We will start with clearing up some of the lies you may have heard. Now I don't mean to sound harsh by calling these lies but if they are not true they must be lies. Right?
Myth: "The King James Version is THE very word of God."
Fact: The Bible was not written in English by those called by God to record His words. The original manuscripts are in Hebrew (ancient), Aramaic and Greek (ancient Koine - not modern Greek).
Myth: "The King James Version has never been revised."
Fact: Really false, the KJV has been revised many, many times. The actual number of revisions is not known except for 12 major revisions. In fact, the easiest way to show one revision is to point out the missing books in the KJV today that were in the First Edition KJV of 1611. What many accept as the "KJV" is not a "KJV" at all! Due to Royal Patents the Bible you may have is actually an American King James and features American English in place of much of the British English...yes, more revisions.
Myth: "The King James Version is the Authorized Version."
Fact: The Bishops Bible of 1568 is the only truly Authorized Version, there is no record of any writ or order of the Crown assigning the title or position of "Authorized" to the 1611.
Myth: "The King James Version is a word for word translation from the original manuscripts."
Fact: The KJV is a revision of the Bishops Bible by order of King James and not a new translation. A Greek Literal Translation of The New Testament, available at most Christian Book Stores, will clear up this false claim very quickly.
Myth: "The King James Version is non-Denominational."
Fact: The KJV is the most highly denominational version. The KJV was compiled by 47 Scholars, 46 were ordained Church of England Priests and 1 was an Elder in the Church of England. The KJV was intended to eliminate the Protestant's and the Puritans in England and rid England of the influence of the Geneva Bible. The footnotes and margin notes of Calvin and other Reformers in the Geneva were an upset to the good King James. Remember it was The Geneva,the Bible of the Reformers that is the Bible that settled the United States of America, not the kings Bible.
Myth: "Modern translations are perversions."
Fact: Compare II Chronicles 7:14,
If your version says "If my people, who are called by my name..." you need to know that the Hebrew reads "If My people, among whom My Name is called..."
Can you see the difference?
The KJV, and others who claim to be in the lineage of the KJV, limit this promise to Jews, while the Hebrew says it is for all who call on His Name.
And if you were reading an actual First Edition King James Version of 1611, you would see a margin note showing the actual Hebrew!
So why the change?
To support the Crown's need to control the people and Church of England doctrine! Of course!
The very evil that was done in the name of translation is why our nation has the guarantee that the government will not establish a "State Church" or endorse one Church over another. Our founding leaders of this nation never wanted the government to take control of the Church as was done in England. Sadly, our founding leaders never expected the government they set up to turn its back on their own faith as most, if not all, were devout Christians.
Myth: "The modern translations are missing verses."
Fact: Consider that the KJV printed today is missing entire books originally found in the actual First Edition KJV 1611! Plus most modern versions have been translated from much older and more reliable manuscripts than those that were made available to the men who worked on the KJV. The only old English version that stands up today as accurate is The Geneva!
Myth: "The KJV is based upon the oldest manuscripts available."
Fact: The King James Version is a revision of the 1568 Bishops Bible with the good King James supervising the "translation" and seriously limiting resource material to the 1568 Bishops Bible, Latin Vulgate, William Tyndale's New Testament and believe it or not, The Geneva.
Myth: "The only missing books are The Apocrypha, and those are Catholic books."
Fact: All Protestant Churches read the books of the Apocrypha until they were removed in the 19th century to, supposedly, save printing costs! At least that was one excuse given!
Considering that Yeshua, Peter, Paul and other Apostles quoted from the Apocrypha, should we not study them?
We could go on and list more but why? This is not intended to continue some fruitless argument, but to prayerfully end one for the sake of the Body as a whole.
Even the "translators" of the 1611 "King James Version" stated that "there should be study of many translations" and that "even the meanest translation is the very word of God."
We will stand with them and advocate the study of many translations, just to be sure we do not fall victim to the denominational tampering such as that evidenced by the KJV.
Arm yourself with knowledge and stay in prayer that you will not be deceived by those seeking to divide the Body of Yeshua by using what they claim is the very Word of God.
We are not saying that anyone reading a KJV is lost. What we are saying is that we reject any claim from anyone that people who read other Bible translations besides the KJV are lost. We believe you should read, compare and study as many translations and revisions as you can! The only exception would be the new "gender neutral" versions, as they are offensive to our Father in heaven by His very own words.
Translations we use are:
    • New Revised Standard Version - NRSV
    • New International Version - NIV
    • New Living Translation - NLT
    • King James Version First Edition 1611 and modern - KJV
    • New King James Version - NKJV
    • Good News Translation - GNT
    • Contemporary English Version - CEV
    • New American Bible - NAB
    • New American Standard Bible - NASB
    • Revised Standard Version - RSV
    • The Holy Bible, Geneva (1560-1599) Geneva
    • The Tanakh - JPS
    • Multiple Greek Manuscripts
    • Hebrew


Let us pray:


Father God all glory on earth, in earth and above earth is yours forever and ever! Father we come to you today to ask that Your Holy Spirit will touch the hearts and lead all who seek Your face to Your wisdom, that we will all reject the foolish divisive traditions of man and return to the truth of God. Father we pray that you guide us in all we do, that we would be pleasing to You. Father I pray that you forgive our sins, that you clean us of our hate, our lusts, our pride and our rebellions against Your will. Clean us Lord and make us whole, mold us into the servants You want and put in us a right spirit.

We ask this in the precious Name of Yeshua!, AMEN.  


Written In HIS Service by


Rev. S.T.Butler