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Sword Of Truth Church Of The First Century

Stepping On YOUR Toes, NOT GOD'S!
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Who We Are

We're a band of mobilizers with a passion to be like Caleb in the Bible: following God wholeheartedly and encouraging God's people to step out into the ministry he has for us all. We desire to be a resource for others, bringing back a faith-filled report about how God is spreading his blessings all over the planet.

We have a rich history previous to becoming a part of the PIONEERS team.

Learn more about our history.

What We Do

Caleb Resources creates high-quality mobilization resourcesdesigned to enable believers to take the next step in their quest to bring Christ to the least-reached peoples of the world. Our resources include missions-focused curricula for adults and children, plus books and manuals, prayer materials, DVDs, and much more. Our customers include churches, bookstores, mission agencies, denominations, and Christian schools, as well as missionaries, pastors, teachers, and other individuals. For currently available materials visit our store.

We also provide cultural learning experiences designed to help believers go from being mission-minded people to being actively engaged in appropriate, strategic ministry. We want to equip people to advance Christ's kingdom, giving priority to groups currently beyond reach of the gospel. We conduct outreach projects and missions advocacy (and train others in both).

We also offer online training, called Encountering the World of Islam. Soon we will be adding more training opportunities online. Sign up for our Twitter updates to keep informed of these opportunities.

Individuals on our staff speak, teach, and write on a variety of topics related to unreached people, missions, and mobilization. Several staff members are available to speak for missions conferences, kids' events, Perspectives classes, and more. If you are looking for someone to speak for your group, please click here to see who would be best suited to the event, and to be able to contact them directly.

Looking for something not listed?

Please contact us and we'll do what we can to help you find what you need.