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Sword Of Truth Church Of The First Century

Stepping On YOUR Toes, NOT GOD'S!
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Let us give Thanks and Praise!


- Praise God for all of our blessings
- Praise God for all who are blessed
  with good health.
- Praise God for home school!
- Praise God for giving us jobs so that
  we can care for our families and further
  share with others who have less.
- Praise God for using us to be a
  blessing in someone's life,
  and for allowing us to feel so
  good about serving You!
- Food and shelter! Thank You Lord
  for providing for us!
- Our growing church family!
- Praise God for being in charge!
- We praise God for the opportunity to be
  a blessing in the lives of those who have
  needed us!

 Share our Prayers and Concerns 


- Friends who have lost a loved one.

- Families with a child in the hospital. 

- Families with a parent in the hospital.

- Single mothers who need prayer for jobs and  financial help.

- Those who have lost their home to natural disasters.

- Those who cause trouble within God's church,

   may they find God's Truth.

- The heart to serve You Father God!

- Father God we pray for those who need physical healing.

- Father guide us as we seek to reach the lost for You.

- Local people who are going hungry.

- People who are losing thier homes.

- Our homeless Brothers and Sisters.

- We need to find a new church home, please

  pray that God will provide.



If you need prayer please let us know so that we may pray for you!

Please fill in the form below with your prayer needs.

We ask for a name so that we may specifically lift your name in prayer.

We do not share information. We will, however, pray over your needs.